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Earlier I spammed random followers askboxes. But I want to do even more! Since today was such a nice day and

you all deserve to be happy!

So here is what we do:
Like and I will write something nice in your askbox. You may also reblog, because if follower or not - I’ll send everyone who leaves a note (reblog, like, comment) here, a nice message!

Okay, c’mon. Spread the love!

I’ll reblog this every Saturday now because love.


Check out this Ryan Adams cover I did featuring the lovely Cara Salimando.  I wanted to honor the original while putting my own twist on it, respectfully.  Hope you enjoy!

Stream it here —->


This spring, Rocks For Justice will be releasing Songs For Justice, a compilation in which all the proceeds will go to fight global poverty and social injustice via our partnership with Speak Up Productions. We are premiering the first song from the compilation - William Beckett’s cover of “Come Pick Me Up,” featuring some additional vocals from Cara Salimando. You can stream in the replies or at Will’s profile. We’ve also included a teaser video about the project in the replies.